What We Do...

Established in 1984, we are a custom art studio specializing in design and production of ceramic art work.

Our clients include architects, developers, interior designers, general contractors, and homeowners. We work with them on commercial and residential projects through all stages of design to completion.

Finished commercial jobs include hotels, casinos and retail facilities in the US, Mexico, the Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan and Europe. Residential work is all over the US, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia.

How We Work...

We design for you following your basic concept or we can work from your drawings. We can match any color and suggest the most appropriate technique for your kind of project. Design work is subject to your approval at all stages. Samples and mock-ups are provided for every job.

We can work in any style, in 2D and 3D, in any subject matter (including historical restorations). We can provide you with the material you need for a job whether it be on a monumental scale or simply a powder room.

Project Cost...

Whether we design for you or work according to your concept or drawings, we use our experience to make the project fit the budget without jeopardizing quality. Our art & technology consultation is always available to you during all stages of design and production. We can help you meet stiff regulations and predetermined budgets.

Phone: (310) 874-9751   Fax: (310) 831-4139 

Los Angeles, CA

e-mail:  dimitri1@tndstudio.com

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